It’s hopeless. I’m Velcro!

A knitter going to a stash-reduction event is like someone on a diet going to a candy store: it’s just bad. I went to the Seattle Knitters Guild’s annual stash-reducing (or stash-enhancing, depending on how you participate) event last month called Fiber Frenzy to actually get rid of a whole bunch of random yarn, and I told myself I would be good, but…. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m Velcro; the stuff just sticks to me. Well, I really did mean well, and I did go to get rid of stuff and to hang-out with other knitters, because no one I know is as obsessed with knitting or any other craft the way I am; words like “freak” and “obsessive” come to mind. I guess if I’m going to be obsessive about something, better it be a harmless craft, than obsessive housecleaning… I think. Although, the house could use just a little obsession these days… Some of the yarn I took could have been sold, but I had the feeling that it wouldn’t sell, and I was probably right because there was a whole lot of yarn there, and not enough buying going on, so I donated it to charity. Have I mentioned that to buy items at Fiber Frenzy, you don’t have to be a member? Mark it on your calendar for next year!

I made the rounds of the tables a few times, and didn’t buy anything, and then I found two skeins of hand-dyed lace weight cashmere for $25! I thought about it a long time and walked away. I walked away! So what did I come away with?

It started with 20 grams of Douceur et Soie in gray for $1.00:

And then there was this sweet little skein of Artisan NZ Merino Lace Weight for $8.00:

Well, then I practically fell off my chair when I spotted 1300 yards of Sea Island Cotton at the sale table next to me:

This has been on my want list for some time and it was unused and priced to sell at $25.00!

Finally, three pretty babies in need of a home pulled on my apron strings:

A trio of unused Jo Sharp Rare Comfort Kid Mohair in wisteria for $5.00!

“That’s okay,” I told myself. “I left with a fraction of the laundry basket of yarn I donated.”

I’ve lost sleep of late, thinking about the cashmere that got away. What was I thinking?


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