Obligatory pictures of snow.

Everyone around here is probably posting about this.

Probably even my 3-year old.

Judging by it’s frequency in my posts anyone from outside the Pacific Northwest would think it snows a lot here in the lowlands, but in fact it doesn’t and never this late. But it is just too pretty too ignore, and besides, I really like it when flowers get caught in the snow.

By the way, check it out: The Pioneer Woman. Ree takes really nice pictures and writes about life on a ranch with her husband Marlboro Man, their kids, their dogs, their horses, and a whole bunch of cows. But no knitting! Sorry. Why do I mention it in my post? Because I wanted to.

Have you seen this website yet? FreeRice


2 thoughts on “Obligatory pictures of snow.

  1. Love the photos. I have to experience snow vicariously so I treasure such posts.

    I *have* seen FreeRice and I have to tell you, that site is super addictive. Total timesuck.

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