Trailing Trellis

Trellis Scarf is finally beginning to take shape after a year of trying to get it going. Caught-up with other projects, I had barely started Trellis when it went on hold for the holidays. I had the chance this past week to really get some progress on the pattern and get used to it, and now it’s flowing along nicely. I hit a minor road block though with the one tricky step in: 7-stitches-into-5. I researched it on Ravelry and on a couple of blogs, and really didn’t find much help, but with the help of Lauren at So Much Yarn, I was able understand the maneuver. You really do need a small crochet hook to make it work best and, hopefully, I can post pictures of the process soon, but for now the above picture of the point of intersection will have to serve as an example.

On the home front, we were supposed to go to a friend’s daughter’s wedding today, that is, my son (G-man) and I, since my husband was running the sound system for the wedding and he had to be there an hour ahead, but we never made it because G-man fell into the toilet just as we were getting ready! He was pretty mad as he sat there with his backside in the toilet bowl and his arms and legs sticking out; an indignant look on his face. I had a good laugh, but it soon became obvious that the dress and full make-up (I rarely wear more than mascara, concealer, and lipstick) I was wearing were all for naught as he needed a quick bath. Oh well.


2 thoughts on “Trailing Trellis

  1. Oh,my goodness 7 stitches into 5 never heard of that one! Your trellis is working up nicely…very pretty color.

    Your poor son…my greatest fear as a child was falling in …because of that I had a little pink plastic toilet seat that fit into the big one and thankfully I never fell in because of my magic seat 😉

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