Wash day

We’ve had lots of sun lately and if you don’t mind my saying, I live for the sun. In fact, when December 21st arrives, I practically hold my breath all day, enduring the shortest day of the year in anticipation of the lengthening of the days come the 22nd. When it’s sunny, I find myself doing all sorts of cleaning, and it seemed time to wash “the girls”, the three mohair lace scarves I knit some years ago.

Washing light & lacy scarves is such a breeze, because you can roll the damp scarf in a towel, stomp on the roll, unroll it and the scarf is only slightly damp and ready to wear.

This one is Simply Sensational Scarf by Eugen Beugler made using Knit One Crochet Too’s Douceur et Soie and it’s my all-time favorite scarf; I made it about 10 or 12 years ago. It’s very soft, elegant, provides decent warmth under a coat without adding bulk and takes-up no space in my purse, so it’s often my scarf of choice to wear when I travel.

This is the same pattern, but for this one I used Rowan’s Kidsilk Haze. I like Douceur et Soie somewhat better than Kidsilk Haze: I find the Kidsilk a little bit scratchy and almost too fuzzy to see the pattern very well, but Kidsilk has really nice deep colors to choose from, whereas Douceur colors are very pale.

This is one I knit in 2005 from some multi-colored yarn I bought in Japan that I wish I had more of. You can’t quite tell, but there is a narrow band of beige-mauve in among the purple-pink-coral bands. I used a stitch pattern from a Japanese book of 300 stitch patterns called Knitting Patterns 300 ISBN 4-529-02071-1.


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