Life returns to normal.

While recovering from the flu, I actually did manage to do some work on Cabled Coat, albeit for short bits when I wasn’t lying in bed staring at the ceiling. And then I frogged it when I realized that what I’d done was wrong again! Boy, if I have to knit each piece at least twice, I might as well give up. Partly it’s me, and partly the instructions are a bit…um…challenging. I must be in some sort of knitting purgatory, because I keep getting into projects that seem easy enough, and then turn out to be anything but. But it’s a beautiful sweater—if I ever get it done, maybe I’ll wear it.

Here’s part of the godet of the coat. Of course, this is the second try:

Here’s the back of coat. This is also the second try:

At this point, it looks like the beginning of really swinging ski pants they used to wear in the 1970s. Well, doesn’t it?

Last night I made risotto with prosciutto and peas; something mild but filling for tender stomachs after the flu. Mmm, nice and creamy!

Oh, and about the Italy trip? It’s on, baby! You see, my sister won a trip for all of us! Location and date have yet to be determined. Stay tuned! Ciao!


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