99.9 Fahrenheit degrees and counting.

I’ve been laying low all week because my husband came down with the flu a week ago, and then I came down with it on Monday. We didn’t get our flu shots. My temp has been slowly falling from it’s peak of 103 F (39.4 C) of a few days ago.

Things have been pretty dark around our home all week; I haven’t been out of the house since Monday, and it wasn’t until yesterday I ventured to raise the blinds to let the light in. My husband went back to work Thursday. Our poor son, while fortunately spared due to his flu shot, had begun to reach his tolerance of not being entertained and doted on by us, when my mother (also had her flu shot) braved it and came out yesterday and today and took him for walks, read, sang and talked to him. Let’s just pray that the flu shots hold for this strain for them both.

Lying in bed, I was vaguely aware of torrents of rain, and the wind in the evergreen boughs above our house. It was rather pleasant. Awake for short bits, I’d check in on everyone else’s blogs. Thanks for the entertainment, my blogging friends!

That’s all I’m good for, for now. I’m going to sleep now, to the sounds of two owls hooting overhead. Star-crossed avian lovers, no doubt.


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