First snowfall.

When the forecast says snow it’s usually a safe bet that it won’t snow, and if it does snow, that it won’t be around long enough to enjoy, but we were treated to a beautiful light snowfall this morning and I couldn’t resist taking some pictures.

Thinking that that was all we were going to see in snowfall, we were off to cut our own Christmas tree at a farm in Carnation. Although it was bitterly cold at the farm, I had just selected our tree when the wind picked-up and with it came snow. Lots of snow. So much snow that I had a hard time seeing through my glasses to cut the tree trunk with the saw. Notice that I was the one cutting the tree, because our son fell asleep during the short drive to the farm, so my husband stayed in the car with him. I never before thought I would be out cutting an 8 foot Christmas tree by myself, but there I was. One of the owners of the farm was shocked when she realized that not only had I cut the tree on my own, but hauled it, the measuring pole, the saw and the cardboard (to kneel on next to the tree trunk) on my own down the field to the cashier, so she took pity on me helped me carry to the car. That’s me, Super Housewife.

A few hours later, well, the tree is not yet decorated or even lit. Putting lights on the tree has to be my least favorite part of decorating. I’ll get it done eventually.


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