Bountiful mail!

Okay, so I gave in and started subscribing to Simply Knitting magazine from the UK. I know, I said it’s pricey (and it is) and that was why I was hesitant to subscribe. But then I realized that we had a sheer bevy of VISA Rewards Certificates stashed away, and well, it was a matter of time before my husband had them earmarked for some geeky gizmo that would make any techy go wild with envy, so I thought it best to put them to use for something more enjoyable to me, like a year’s subscription to Simply Knitting. Don’t worry, I gave him ample opportunity to kiss them good-bye before I cashed them in on the magazine subscription through After I subscribed, I found that Barnes & Noble carries them in many of its stores (I think just the bigger ones), and well, when you take into account B&N’s membership discount and gas mileage to go to the store to buy one issue, the cost of subscribing still came out cheaper. The subscription through would take about 12 weeks for the first issue to arrive, so I cooled my heels, and bought issues at B&N in the meantime. Much to my delight, a recent walk to the mailbox produced two issues of my new subscription, each with its accompanying free gift. (I’m such a sucker, since I know I’m paying for the “free” gift that comes with each issue, but it’s still fun getting them…. It’s like: “Oooh, there’s my free gift!” as I open the package like it’s freaking Christmas or something.)

Here’s November’s issue:

The freebies are a purse-sized diary (calendar), a disc with a preview of a new book of patterns from Simply Knitting, and a Debbie Bliss pattern.

And here’s the December issue:

December freebies are a pattern for Alan Dart’s Shaun the Sheep mobile, a wall calendar of knitting patterns from various yarn companies/designers, and stitch holders. I really like the Shaun the Sheep pattern; it’s so cute.


One thought on “Bountiful mail!

  1. hi,
    was admiring the pattern for the shaun the sheep mobile! I missed this issue but would love to knit the mobile, I have looked everwhere but can’t seem to find a copy. Was wondering whether you would be very kind and email/send me a copy? I would be very greatful,
    Hayley x

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