Morning calm.

I’m enjoying the quiet mornings in our new home, and there’s always something to take a picture of, like the fog as it moves through the trees and the mist on the spider webs….

We get a lot of fog at this house, incredibly thick fog up from the valley of farmlands that are giving way to wineries, golf courses, commercial business complexes and mega-housing developments.

Speaking of spiders, here’s the latest catch in our basement family room:

My husband thinks these two are the biggest we’ve caught yet, but I know differently. I know that lurking somewhere in the our basement family room is my nemesis, the mother of all spiders, the Great White shark of spiders. It made a fleeting appearance late one night two months ago while we were watching TV and the lights were dim, and I’m the only one who’s seen it. It was so big, the body alone must’ve been 1.5″ long; with the legs it was 3″. I’m not kidding! He doesn’t believe me. Meanwhile, we occasionally find spiders that are a mere shadow of Great White. Whenever I go to the basement, I hear the theme song for the movie Jaws. Well, it’s not that bad, but I do get the creeps sometimes as I sit at my computer feeling like something is lurking behind me. By the way, the Katcha Bug bug catcher we use is just the best, especially when you really don’t want to hear or feel that sickening squish as you kill a bug; catch and release. We have three of them, one for each floor. Personally, I just wish our 8-legged or winged friends would just stay outside.

Also in the basement are some of my boxes of knitting stuff I still need to sort through. Recently re-discovered:

Pattern: Knitted Triangular Lace Shawl with Undulating Edgings, Design 106, by Robert B. Powell (Powell’s Design 106 is only available as a kit from Catherine Knits)

Yarn: Jamieson & Smith, 2-Ply, Jumper Yarn

Needles: US 5/3.75 mm

I started KTLS in January 2005, and it was slow going and intense. I put it down two months later when we flew to South Korea to meet our then almost 6-month old son and bring him home, well, after that knitting had to take a back seat and then I forgot about KTLS. Poor KTLS! Who knows when I’ll pick it up again, but now that it’s up on my Ravelry project list, it’ll be hard to lose track of. I’ll try to post a better picture of it soon.


2 thoughts on “Morning calm.

  1. Very pretty photos (well, except for the spiders). Those are Wolf spiders aren’t they? I looked to see where you live and noticed the Seattle webring. I’m in Vancouver BC and we get those spiders here too. I love your bug catcher! I’ll have to find one. I know what you mean about that feeling that someone is watching you.

    We had a spider in our last house that was HUGE. We used to hear him when he jumped down onto the floor but didn’t find him (her?) for a long time and when we did…shivers ran down my spine. That thing was SO BIG!

    Anyway, found you via Ei’s blog and hope you don’t mind that I added you as a friend on Ravelry (trying to keep track of knitting blogs I like seems to be easier if I add them on Ravelry as well as to my google reader).

    I think as a first time reader/poster I’ve said enough!

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