From Japan With Love

Mariko of super eggplant recently posted that she is going on a trip to Japan soon, and that reminded me that I have some goodies to show that my mother brought back from her recent 3-week trip to Japan.

One thing that made the things she brought back particularly special was the way many of them were packaged, and it was hard to open some of them, since I think the packaging is a gift in itself.

Inside was the most delightful array of candies, but don’t let them fool you, they weren’t hard candies, all but one were jellies, some of which had a firm outer layer even though they were just about 3 mm thick. I’ve only eaten one a week so far. They were so lovingly packaged that inside the basket was a layer of bubble-wrap to protect the candies, carefully cut to the shape of the basket, so as not to be too obvious.

Next, another exquisitely wrapped package:

This box contained three different types of jellies, one was white bean jelly (as opposed to a paste) with a few delicate shreds of yuzu (a citrus) skin in it, another had a plum encased in jelly, and finally, the third had a kumquat encased in jelly. They were so very special, and although my mother brought them two weeks ago, I ate the last one just yesterday. Sigh.

These are lacquered chopstick rests from Kyoto, which will be a treat to use.

She also brought a bag of an assortment of regular candy, you know the kind you find in the druggist or grocery store: blueberry gum, ume (plum) gum, liquid-filled grape-flavored jelly beans, blood orange gummies, and strawberry gummies made with real strawberries (including the seeds).


2 thoughts on “From Japan With Love

  1. Awww, these are such amazing goodies! And I agree, packaging is a gift in itself – a gift that people in Japan obviously all have! Whenever I see goodies from there, I can’t help but being stunned by the beautiful and delicate way everything is wrapped – it’s almost a sin opening it 😉 But then again, eventually you’ll have to open everything to see the yummyness that’s inside! Lovely and very, very pretty indeed!

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