Bringing home the bakin’.

I went to the Seattle Knitters Guild meeting last week, to hear visiting Norwegian textile designer Annemor Sundbø talk about her new book, Invisible Threads in Knitting. One of the things she discussed was how some of the motifs typically found in traditional Scandinavian knitting once formed a subtle method of communication, particularly with regard to romance and religion. Sundbø also found similar methods of religious communication in other cultures, such as Armenia, in which she described a sort of religious code language using Armenian numbers in rug motifs. The research Sundbø has conducted for this book is amazing, and it would be interesting to read it sometime (no, I didn’t buy one…yet).

Also, I confess, I did buy a skein of Handmaiden Fine Yarn Great Big Sea Silk when Handmaiden visited Hilltop Yarns in Seattle recently. It was really hard leaving with just the one skein for a scarf, but I had to. That’s okay, because I’d been fascinated with yarn from seaweed (actually smelling faintly of seaweed) every since I first heard of it.

On the home front: I live in a place where finding fresh croissants is not easy, so darn it, the other day armed with the book French Women Don’t Get Fat (apparently soon to be out in paperback, by the way), I actually tried my hand at making some. And, you know, they turned-out not so bad. Hey, it beats the stuff in the supermarket.

I don’t know if French women do or don’t get fat, but boy, they certainly have some good food to eat!

But what really makes my croissants even better is this stuff:

A jar of “Brunette” Belgian Praline Spread and a jar of “Noir” Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread Le Pain Quotidien that, when mixed together make something far more yummy than Nutella. Don’t get me wrong, I like Nutella, but since my husband came home with these two jars, they’ve been my special friends. I can’t describe how good they are, both alone and together.


3 thoughts on “Bringing home the bakin’.

  1. I keep forgetting to contact you about joining the Seattle Knitter’s Guild – I think we talked about it once in the shop… and now another month has passed. I’m putting it on my calendar.

    Those croissants look nummy!

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