Stripey footlets

They’re finally done! My stripey footlets are done. I thought I would get them done so long ago, but then we moved and became busy with unpacking and summer activities. It was touch-and-go there a few weeks ago when I finished the first one, and realized that the notes I took for the first one were inaccurate and I had to sort of re-invent the pattern for the second one. Too distracted, I guess. I don’t like the toe shaping, or lack thereof, because it’s very flat, but then, I’ve never made socks without a pattern and from the toe-up. But overall, I’m pleased.

It was my son’s third birthday this past Saturday, and I did a first: actually put-together a party. You see, I’m not much of a planner, and I’m not much into parties, but I wanted to do this for him, and he and his little friends had fun.

I tried not to get totally Martha about the whole party, but I made Chocolate Fudge Cake from New England Cookbook by Eleanor Early (out of print), the fudge frosting failed, since fudge and I rarely see eye-to-eye when it comes to making fudge (i.e., I often mess-up somehow). So I logged onto Martha Stewart’s website and found a super-rich, super chocolaty, super-easy, very nice frosting that worked.

Then, I made this thing that looked better in the pictures in Good Things For Kids magazine (a Martha mag.), and didn’t really deliver on taste or texture:

It’s a bowl of gelatin made to look like a fish bowl, complete with gummy fish swimming in it. The recipe calls for too much gelatin, so it was like eating rubber. It was very easy to make. But then I had to make the strawberry marshmallows (you’d be surprised how easy they are), also in Good Things For Kids, and they were yummy!

I’ll definitely make those again!


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