Knitting? What’s that?

I’m currently in Vancouver, B.C. for a couple of days, eating more than knitting (that’s okay, I’m walking much of it off). We ‘re here for a bit of a break, since we won’t be taking any substantial vacation until sometime next year. We’re staying in a highrise timeshare hotel in downtown Vancouver, with temps in the mid-80s, no air conditioning, and boy, it’s hot in here and the noise from the streets below is deafening. Last night, we had okonomiyaki at Modern Club in West Vancouver, which was a treat, because as odd as this sounds, I’ve made it, but I’d never had it served to me nor seen it prepared by anyone else. It was fun to discover that in following the recipe in my Japanese cookbook, I am not far off the mark in how I make it.

I managed to get my hands on the most recent available issue of Simply Knitting magazine (UK) which includes a pattern for knitting an entire 16″ tall pirate, with ruffled shirt, frock coat, three-corner hat, and parrot! Yes, I said “parrot”. I would really like to get a subscription to Simply Knitting, but the cost seems a bit high.

Tomorrow, we might swing by a knitting store, if our time is good as we head back down the road to Seattle. Stay tuned….


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