Here’s where I am with the Rib Knitted Shrug.

You know, I’ve never knitted a shrug, so I don’t know if this is how it should look at about the halfway mark….Hmmm. I guess it’s right, because I’ve been following the pattern and I’ve gone over it a few times to make sure, unless there’s an error in the pattern. Nah, I’m sure this is right. Shrugs are strange creatures, though. I guess I’ll just keep at it. There’s a chance I’ll be done before October.

Here’s something different: I opened one of the handy tea-in-a-cup things I bought in a pharmacy in Japan from my trip there a couple of years ago (I know, you shouldn’t keep tea that long, but it tasted quite good anyhow). This one, according to the small amount of English on the container, was Rose Yunnan Puerr tea.

The dry tea, including a small desiccant to keep the tea dry until used, was housed in a small recess in the lid which sat on the strainer, which in turn sat in the cup.

Open the lid, remove the desiccant, pour the dry tea into the strainer, put the strainer back in the cup, add hot water, replace the lid, steep, remove the lid and strainer and there, you have a decent cup of tea. There were a bunch of rose buds in there:

And the recess in the lid also serves as a receptacle to hold the used strainer.

I love buying things like this when I travel, they’re so handy and creative. In fact, when I travel, I seek out supermarkets, department stores, convenience stores and pharmacies. Pharmacies, you ask? I bought some nice bars of soap in Italy in one; the tea-in-a-cup and the smallest umbrellas in the world in pharmacies in Japan; the best little packet of instant soup complete with lots of veggies from the travel section of Loft department store in Japan. During the Italy trip I bought a handy coffee-in-a-cup in a gas station on a highway; it had everything in it, even the water, and a device that heated it when you pushed part of the cup. Before you gag, one of the women I was traveling with was suffering from caffeine withdrawal, so I gave it to her and she said it was actually pretty good. I just wish cool stuff like these were available in this country.


2 thoughts on “Shrugging?

  1. I always do that supermarket-pharmacy-convenience store thing when travelling, too. You wouldn’t believe how much stuff I got from pharmacies in the US! Just goes to show that the grass is always greener etc… 🙂

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