Hotly awaited by the resident geek, my husband, we visited the nearest Apple store last night at the right time when the line was zero and bought our iPhones, went home and…nothing. Absolutely nothing happened. In fact, 22 hours later this is how our iPhones look:

That’s right, they’re dead in the water. Why? Because we can’t use them in ANY way, shape or form, except as a pretty sleek paperweight right now until we get them activated through AT&T. Why? Because Apple made an exclusive deal with AT&T making the phones absolutely inoperable until AT&T activates them, and we can’t get them activated because someone seems to have dropped the ball somewhere and AT&T appears to be overwhelmed by the number of calls to its help line. I mean, we can’t even play with the thing, we can’t even go through a tutorial or look at its different functions until the account is activated. We knew it had to be activated by AT&T before it could be used as a phone or on the Internet, but I thought we could at least look at its functions in the meantime. We have been told that we have to wait 24 hours until our accounts are activated before we can use the iPhones, so we’re getting close, but this is crazy.

On the knitting front, we’re in our new home and this is how my office looks. Most of these boxes contain books and yarn. Despite all of the boxes I haven’t abandoned my knitting, and am still working on Bird’s Eye Shawl, Twist and Lace, and Rib Knitted Shrug. It’s nice to know that when technology fails, at least my knitting is patiently awaiting my attention, acting as a calming force in my life. iGuess!

July 1 – Update:  Our phones were activated 43 hours after our initial attempt.  Whew!  That’s a relief.  Now, I can play with my new toy.  That is what it really is, isn’t it?


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