What, you thought I’d model it?

Not a chance that I’d model Rib Knitted Shell and post the pictures! Here it is during a short bright moment outside.

Now, on with Rib Knitted Shrug. Which isn’t ribbed, it’s reverse stockinette stitch instead, go figure. Reverse Stockinette Stitch Knitted Shrug is a bit of a mouthful, don’t you think? The yarn I used, Newton’s Cotton Ice, is tricky stuff to get a gauge on, since one moment I measure 18 stitches over 4″/10 cm, and the next it’s 24 stitches, but I like it and it’s a good summer-weight fiber (60% cotton, 40% rayon) since it breathes nicely.

Just found this website: www.yarnstandards.com. Nice to know that someone is at work trying to get some standards going.


2 thoughts on “What, you thought I’d model it?

  1. You sure we can’t somehow persuade you to do some modeled shots with this? *hint hint* Anyways, it looks absolutely awesome – the perfect summer top as I see it, beautiful pattern and the most gorgeous colorway! Great job indeed!

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