Time in New England?

A sight for sore eyes it was for this New England-born nearly-native Washingtonian when we came across this town on the Washington coast yesterday. While visiting Ocean Shores for some weekend rest and relaxation the weather turned nasty, so we took to the road for a drive and happened upon the town of Seabrook, a planned community. Before you role your eyes about another development with cookie-cutter homes like so many you’ve seen popping-up in your neighborhood (maybe you live in one as do we, until our upcoming move), this one’s actually quite nice, and the houses aren’t silly looking. Instead, these look like something you’ve seen in an historic neighborhood somewhere. For me, I’m picky about how houses look, and I generally prefer old houses over new for their history, their character, and charm, warts and all, but Seabrook seems to have done it right, and it’ll be interesting to see what it looks like further into the project.

Later, we huddled into our room for the rest of the storm, choosing to watch it warm and dry rather than slogging our way through it. Across the street from mouth of the harbor, we experienced the full force of the wind on our windows as they creaked, rain sheeting on glass; watching the sea foam fly as the waves crashed on the rocks. We had one day of brilliant sunshine, so when the rain came as promised, it wasn’t too difficult to accept.

I managed to accomplish some knitting and have finished Rib Knitted Shell and will post a picture soon.

It was nice to get away again, this time for three nights, and especially to a place where we didn’t feel compelled to do anything other than relax. We all enjoyed the change of pace for a bit. I only wish that the cats had set about the task of finishing the packing for the move.


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