Making the switch.

Today I got on the Addi Turbo Lace Bandwagon and transferred Bird’s Eye shawl to them. After reading others’ accounts of these new needles, I just had to try them. Mind you, the change did not come about easily, since after visiting more than one local yarn store and coming-up emptyhanded, I finally located some during my recent visit to Beehive Wool Shop in Canada (they had plenty on hand, too). Unfortunately Addi doesn’t make the exact size I needed 2.75 mm, so I bought a 3.0 mm circular and made the switch, thanks in part to the encouragement of Knittlesticks Wendee, whom I met yesterday. Wendee agreed with my belief that it wouldn’t make that much of a difference, especially after blocking. As for the experience of knitting with the Addi Turbo Lace, it’s simply amazing!

I could tell immediately that the fine-pointed Turbos will make for easier lace knitting, but more importantly, I find that the brass tips hold the yarn better, meaning less tension in my hands. I think I was using coated Inox circulars (needlepoint on left in photos) previously, and while they were fine enough, the yarn moved across them so easily it was difficult keeping the stitches on them, made more difficult by the fact that I have extremely dry hands. With Addi Turbo, I just can’t convey to you the difference. The stitches don’t seem to slide off so easily, and yet the needles are not too “sticky” (for lack of a better word), or rather, they don’t keep the stitches from moving freely. I’ll have to update as I knit with them more.


2 thoughts on “Making the switch.

  1. Ooooo the pressure of encouraging the switch :). I’m so bummed I missed out on these (especially since I work in a yarn store an all!) You better believe I’ll snatch some up the next time they come in!

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