I’ve been bad.

While in Victoria I visited Beehive Wool Shop and came away with 6 skeins Phildar Phil Eponge (acrylic, nylon, cotton, and elasthanne blend) and 4 skeins Operà Le Fantasie (wool, polyamid, alpaca and acrylic blend).

Here’s the food haul from the Victoria Trip:

London Fruit & Herb Company’s Green Tea & Blackcurrant: I’m not a big fan of flavored green teas, but when I spotted it on a supermarket shelf, the word “blackcurrant” just hit me in the head and said, “Buy me , you fool!” Wonderful stuff, very blackcurrant with a hint of green tea. Murchie’s is a Victoria original, and since I’m an Earl Grey snob, I decided to try the Earl Grey, and I must say it surpasses my personal favorite, Golden Moon Tea Earl Grey. Rogers’ Chocolates is one of those places that I’ve been to every time I’ve been in Victoria and I buy 3 or 4 Victoria Creams, come home, try them and realize I’d made a mistake in not buying more; they are sooo creamy good inside and sooo flavorful, made with real fruit.


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