I’m back, but not empty-handed….

So I thought we were going to Vancouver, B.C., but we went to Victoria, B.C. instead because Highly Organized Husband had a short-circuit and announced two days before leaving that he’d forgotten (he’s the vacation planner) that we were to go to Victoria. It turns out our trip to Vancouver is a few months off still. As for the trip to Victoria, we had a nice time and the trip by car and ferry went well; the weather was so-so, but then it’s May in the Pacific Northwest. It was a bit iffy when we left home, warmed-up a lot on the drive up to Canada, was overcast throughout the ferryboat ride to Vancouver Island and the subsequent drive to Victoria, and then Saturday was a complete mixed bag, rain, bright sunshine, overcast, chilling gusty winds, and Sunday was a day not unheard of in these parts: torrential rain all day and all night. By the way, whose idea was it to name the island after Captain Vancouver, but the city on the island is Victoria and then name the city on the mainland Vancouver? Isn’t that confusing? Okay, but then to add to the confusion, there’s also a Vancouver, Washington, a few hundred miles south of the one in Canada, so people around here have to constantly refer to whichever Vancouver they are referring to by adding either the state name or the province name after the relevant city. That Vancouver guy sure got around, even if he did have a funny last name. But I digress….

I’m a bit short on time, but among the items I brought back from my trip was an issue of Simply Knitting magazine. I really like this magazine, partly because the patterns offered are quite varied, partly because it’s from another country (UK), partly because there aren’t any long-winded articles (I’m a fine one to talk!), the lay-out is eye-catching and an easy read, LOTS of color photos (especially details of projects and techniques), but especially because isn’t filled with loads of advertisements. Another nice thing is that it doesn’t have all those annoying subscription cards falling out, and they didn’t fall out in shipping because it was sealed in plastic. Also, it doesn’t hurt that it came with a free gift, a knitting tote bag, imprinted with balls of yarn and the magazine name.

Among the articles offered is this one about the fiber qualities of different breeds of British sheep (I took pictures of the magazine on my lap during the car ride home in the sloggy wet rain).

And of course, there are plenty of sweater patterns, and many of them very refreshing to look at, but also this fun bag pattern. I could do without the leaf that appears like a growth on the bag, couldn’t you? It is a nice leaf, though.

Finally, a new pattern by Alan Dart, this one for a chicken.

Alan Dart comes up with all sorts of patterns for fun knitted animals; many of them reminiscent of Wallace & Gromit characters. He’s someone to watch in the knitting world, I think.

Well, that’s all for now. Stay tuned for the next installment of the Victoria Trip.


2 thoughts on “I’m back, but not empty-handed….

  1. Hi I am from Victoria, and actually it rains less here than Vancouver , hope you had a good time in our city and will come back when the weather is a bit more compliant, right now its scathing hot! 90 .

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