Rib Knitted Shell

So, here’s my newest project, Rib Knitted Shell by Hajnalka Lovrekovich, from Cast On Magazine, February – April 2007 issue. It’s a simple project, knitted in one piece consisting of K2P2-rib starting at the bottom front, up and over the shoulders, down the back, with minimal shaping and sewn at the sides. The construction technique alone should make it interesting. I’m using the same yarn brand and color used in the pattern, Newton’s Cotton Ice in Sage, which seems to be available only in cones from Newton’s, as opposed to the 100-gram balls listed in the pattern. Maybe Lovrekovich was able to find it somewhere other than Newton’s.

If all goes well with the pace, I will follow-up with Rib Knitted Shrug as pictured, which ironically doesn’t have any ribbing in it, and is knitted sideways from one sleeve to the other, with the usual sewing-up.


3 thoughts on “Rib Knitted Shell

  1. So pretty….I can’t find the magazine anywhere……I would love to make the shell for summer in New England…..


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