Finished: Ballband Dishcloth

Poor neglected Ballband! It’s finally finished! Isn’t that often the case? The project that’s the easiest and most straightforward gets neglected the most.

Twist & Lace is going at a decent rate and probably gets the most attention because it’s one of those “just let me finish this set (of reps) and then I’ll put it down” and “I’ll just do one more set”. Besides, it’s a project that demands good moderate attention and one that I work on when I just don’t have the concentration for Bird’s Eye.

Worked-up from its narrowest point, Bird’s Eye gets broader and slower, and it now takes about 20-minutes to finish one row, and with interruptions, I’m lucky if I get two rows done per day. Add to that the occasional mysterious mistake that I discover on the next row, which then necessitates undoing the current row to fix the mistake; that’s lace knitting. I do so enjoy the beauty of the fabric that the project produces and there’s something very satisfying about producing those o-shapes or bird’s eyes. Even though I am knitting them, the design of the o-shapes is a mystery to me. How would anyone come-up with the concept of creating them?


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