Shedding light on crochet.

Typically disorganized, I was unable to locate a crochet hook of the right size, so I did what all good crafters do, I went and bought another one. Faced with a $2.25-price difference between an ordinary Clover bamboo hook and a Clover Crochet Lite hook, I thought I’d be insane to buy another ordinary hook, especially when I knew that I already have so many loitering around somewhere at home. Besides, I thought it was my duty to buy one and try it out so that I could report back to you, my readers, just what I think of Crochet Lite. Now I only needed it for a crochet cast-on (i.e., using one knitting needle and one hook), so I didn’t exactly crochet something, but I liked it very much. Crochet Lite really does illuminate! I recall how hard it was to crochet my little black amigurumi cat two years ago, and if I’d had a Crochet Lite then, the whole thing would have gone much more smoothly. I also see this hook coming in handy on car trips and airplane flights, when the cabin lights are dimmed, but you have a project that you brought along. Crochet Lite is lightweight and has the same nice ergonomic shaping as the Clover Soft Touch crochet hooks, which I really like. The down side is that since it’s made of plastic, I could see it getting broken pretty easily, and it probably costs about $10.00 to replace the three button-type batteries, although the first ones are included. If all else fails it could double as a flashlight. Phinney is on my lap; poor baby lies in wait all day for me to sit and knit so that she can get some warmth and some love.

What do you think this is? You’d never guess…

No, it’s not Boston Cream Pie. It’s not a dessert at all. It’s called okonomiyaki, which roughly translates to “as you like it pancake”, and that’s what’s for dinner tonight. It’s a pan fried Japanese dish, and it has very little sweet in it. Rather, it has cabbage, bacon, ginger, taro (similar to potato), flour, and egg, to name some of the key ingredients. What looks like chocolate on top is a thick sauce similar to Worcestershire sauce and the white is mayonnaise. I first read about this dish in Untangling My Chopsticks: A Culinary Sojourn in Kyoto, and I have yet to find a place in the Seattle area that serves it, but I haven’t let that stop me. It’s definite good eats.

You probably heard the skid of the tires when I spotted the latest addition to cupcake places, “Honey, stop the car! It’s cupcakes…in Renton!” We bought these two lovelies at Common Ground Coffee & Cupcakes located at 900 South 3rd in downtown Renton (phone 425.235.1717). Common Ground is a nice little spot with window seating so you can eat your cupcakes and watch people drool as they pass by, wishing they too had the time to stop. The cupcakes are made fresh daily.

Finally, this picture is in honor of Earth Day, which I neglected to mention last week. It was Sunday, April 22.


4 thoughts on “Shedding light on crochet.

  1. What a cool looking okonomiyaki! (I was just pining for one yesterday…) I would never have guessed. If you have any Korean restaurants in Seattle, they have something slightly similar (without the mayo and Worchester sauce) which is a seafood pancake. It’s really delicious.

    Love the flower picture!

  2. I never use straight knitting needles so I never had any interest in the knitting needles that light up but the crochet ones? That may be really fun. I don’t know how to crochet but want to learn so that I can do the crochet cast on and do some crochet edging too. Thanks!

  3. Mmm Okonomiyaki…! It’s been at least two years since I had one of those. Although, that being said, I think I ate enough while living in Japan to last a life time! Doesn’t help when you live directly across the street from the local Okonomiyaki shop. :/

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