Italian via London

Dinner tonight courtesy of the cookbook, Italian Two Easy: Simple Recipes from the London River Cafe by Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers: pappardelle, tomato, and pancetta. I spotted this book in Anthropologie and the simplicity of its recipes appealed to me, so I procured a copy during a recent visit to the library. Having not tried the other recipes I can’t say anything about them, but this one was good. Maybe I’ll try another one or two before I have to return the book, but no promises; that’s how everything goes around here these days.

For dessert, we had a trio of delights from Essential Baking Company:

The desserts from this place are so good, I sometimes dream about them, and that’s unusual because despite what it looks like, I am not a dessert person. In fact, when I eat out, I rarely order dessert because I find them such a disappointment: unimaginative, overly dense, ridiculously oversized, overdone (as in trying to be too unique), cloyingly sweet, and pastry crust too thick and too dry. But Essential Baking Company is one of those places where you can add calories to your waistline confident in the knowledge that it will be worth a few more laps on the tredmill later. My personal favorite is the Vanilla Mouse: fluffy vanilla bean mouse surrounded by a thin light cake (with brown spots on it), topped with a yummy raspberry syrup. Also pictured are Rustic Apple Tart (on the right) and Raspberry Tart (in the background).


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