What can I say?

Ballband wants to be done already. It’s almost done, but I have too many projects to do, and too little time!

Twist and Lace
scarf is coming along, despite a rough start that involved frogging it twice due to some confusion with the pattern on my part. I am enjoying Twist and Lace as an alternative to the slow pace of the Bird’s Eye shawl:

Bird’s Eye might be slow, but it’s a pleasure to knit and it’s so light and delicate. I look forward to the final shawl, in about 2 years from now.

Husband returned home from a brief trip (without me, again) to Las Vegas for a conference yesterday bearing gifts: I have become a fan of Acca Kappa’s lip balm and I’ve only found it in the Acca Kappa store in the Grand Canal Shoppes in The Venetian in Las Vegas.

And, of course, the soaps and shampoos from Gilchrist & Soames for Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino, are nice extras to have.

By the way, the brass monkey in the photos is how I look in the morning, according to my husband. You’d look like that too, if your best night’s sleep involved wearing 30-decible ear plugs to block-out your bed-mate’s snoring. 😉


4 thoughts on “What can I say?

  1. Your knits are looking gorgeous. I love Mandalay Bay and I really love their little toiletries – so much so that I ordered more from Gilchrist and Soames.

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