I am looking forward to the yarn I won for being the 1000th commenter on Tiennie Knits’ blog!  Tiennie ended-up giving yarn to three commenters, why? Because she’s simply nice! You can see the beautiful yarn I’m getting here.

Meanwhile, what do you get when you cross groceries with an empty baby car seat? You get an handy way of safely transporting a carton of eggs:

It was a moment of inspiration yesterday when I wanted all my groceries to fit into one re-usable cloth bag, but the eggs didn’t quite fit. Taking into account the way I drive sometimes (it’s a suburban jungle out there), I didn’t want to risk the carton sliding around on the floor of the car, so I came up with this idea.


2 thoughts on “1000!

  1. Well done on your win from Tienne, she is so generous! I can’t wait for my yarn! I love the anigurami cats you made in a previous post. And thank you for your comment on my blog.

  2. That looks surprising familiar! I’ve often left the grocery store with too much groceries and not enough space!

    I had a lot of fun with the yarn giveaway! Really, it was my pleasure. Congrats again!

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