Easter Greetings!

What a weekend!

It kicked-off with the rare event of dinner guests on Friday; we had lamb curry followed by pavlova for dessert. I’d never made pavlova before, but it was quite easy, much to my relief.

Dinner guests and pavlova and all the preparation was not enough to deter me from also trying another first: marshmallows.

The marshmallows also turned-out well; I’d tried it a few times over the years and mysteriously failed, mysterious since they’re so easy to make. Yum! Now that I’ve accomplished marshmallows, there’s probably no going back to the ones from the grocery store.

Saturday, we went to a birthday party at an ice rink.

Later that day was Family Dinner #1 at a Kokiri Korean Restaurant in Federal Way; very good.

Sunday, I dyed Easter eggs for the first time in about 20 years, followed by Family Dinner #2 at Mom’s house.

In preparation for Easter and recently re-surfaced after too many years in hiding, my crocheted bunny and duck. The patterns for these two I think appeared in an old issue of Family Circle magazine and I made them when I was about 14-years old. At the time, having never made crocheted animals before, I didn’t quite know what I was doing, so my technique wasn’t the best, but the end result worked. In my crafting lifetime, I can say that these patterns were the probably the first projects that jumped-out at me, urging me to run out and gather the supplies to make them. There is another animal from the same issue of Family Circle, a baby duck in a decorated crocheted egg, but I can’t find it and can’t I find the patterns, either. Also among the missing is a teddy bear I created based-on these patterns. I’ve spent weeks looking for the two missing animals, and I will have to surrender to the fact that they’ll probably show up when I’m looking for Christmas ornaments later this year.

A couple of years ago, I was hit with a similar urge while looking at a book of crocheted cats written in Japanese: Amineko no iru Seikatsu, ISBN 4391130122.

This is a sweet book, most of it consisting of fun color pictures of crocheted (amigurumi) cats in different real-life scenarios, like sleeping and eating.

Here are two amigurumi cats I’ve made from this book:


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