Are you hip?

Husband spent a few lovely nights this week at The Island Hotel in Newport Beach, California for business, WITHOUT me, I might add, so upon his return home I was sent to downtown Seattle for a couple of nights. Among my activities, I wandered around downtown, deliberately avoiding the nearest yarn store (part of my on-again/off-again yarn diet), missing it by three blocks. Eventually I went to mix with the throngs of tourists at Pike Place Market, grabbed a baguette sandwich of pâté, cornichon, and lettuce from Le Panier and sat in a nearby park overlooking Elliott Bay to admire the view.

On the crafting side (sort of) I stopped by Daiso and found this cool scissor-less paper cutter that uses opposing wheels.

No more slanting cuts of wrapping paper.

Husband caught-up with me and we had breakfast at Lola, one pearl in the fine necklace of eateries owned by local chef and radio show host Tom Douglas and his wife Jackie Cross. Located at Fourth Avenue and Virginia Street, Lola is adjacent and connected to the sleekly designed lobby of Hotel Ändra (complete with bidet in the women’s restroom near the lobby, now that’s hip—probably a first for a public restroom in the entire State of Washington). Due to Lola’s popularity, I was initially put-off by the politely projected 20-30 minute wait, but Lola makes the wait well worth it. Tastefully designed for maximum seating in a tight space, Lola sports walls of brown hues and beautiful glass lamps suspended from the coffee-brown ceiling (sorry for the cell phone pictures throughout the Lola review):

Once seated we ordered the popular made-to-order doughnuts:

The doughnuts, what can I say about the doughnuts? They arrive at the table warm in a white paper bag, and are then kindly released from the bag by the waitperson and poured onto a dish before you. But there’s more to it than that: these six light and fluffy 2-inch cubed doughnuts are then lovingly doused with a generous heaping of sugar mixed with cinnamon, and served with a side of jam (we had huckleberry) and vanilla marscarpone. To say they were good wouldn’t be fair, to say they were…oh, I can’t find the best descriptor, let me just say that they were so good we could’ve had another 6 each, easily.

Our main orders were quite worth the calories as well, my green egg scramble oozed (pictured below, via cell phone) with fontina cheese, accented with dill, scallions and cilantro, and accompanied by bacon and garlic fried potatoes. I’m not a big fan of cilantro, but the overall effect was well-balanced in flavor. Delicious!

Husband’s Greek omelette was equally delicious, not too much feta, but just enough, and again a well-balance dish, also accompanied by bacon and potatoes. See breakfast menu for more enticing food.

If we didn’t have enough calories at Lola, we had to visit Tom Douglas’ Dahlia Bakery across the street to bring more calories home with us in the form of:

Pictured: (clockwise from the upper right) fig bar, peppermint patty (there is a thin layer of peppermint filling between the chocolate cookies), maple éclair (filled with vanilla bean infused cream—mmm), and a petite moist chocolate cupcake donned with a flower of frosting.


2 thoughts on “Are you hip?

  1. That looks so yummy! Sounds like a great time.

    If I’m down at the Pike Place Market – I like to go to Le Pichet and have the chocolat chaud – it’s the best thing I’ve ever tasted!

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