Although I don’t normally describe myself with the word giddy—make that, I never describe myself with that word—that’s the best word for it. I’m giddy about the shipment that arrived from today!! Two books: Favorite Socks: 25 Timeless Designs from Interweave and Victorian Lace Today.

Grumperina really gets the thanks from me for turning me onto Favorite Socks; there are many fun patterns to be found in there, and I am particularly pleased that Mary Snyder’s Padded Footlets pattern is among them. I knitted Padded Footlets over a year ago, and it wasn’t an easy accomplishment, but I hope to knit more of the same, hopefully resulting in mastering the tricky pattern.

I guess I’m a bit behind the times on getting my copy of Victorian Lace Today, since it came out 5 months ago, but this is the primary book of the two in the shipment that just has me in such a state of euphoria. I was so beside myself when I opened the book that I almost ran out of the house and upset the sleepy suburban decorum of DomesticShorthair’s neighborhood by shouting, “It’s here! It’s here!” Of the 40 patterns in Victorian Lace Today, I didn’t see one that did not beckon me to knit it. Even if you don’t knit lace, this book, which features sumptuous photography by Alexis Xenakis of English estates and countryside, would make a lovely coffee table book. But why would you do that? It’s a definite must-knit-that kind of book. Beautiful!

Finally, here’s a two-page spread of an estate from the book:

For more Victorian Lace Today pictures, try Grumperina’s blog archive. Click here.


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