Sticky widgets.

I realize that you probably want to see more knitting, but it just hasn’t been a very productive day in that area. Tonight I put the popcorn popper on the stove and served-up some popcorn to fuel me through some administrative issues with my blog. What is it with blog widgets, anyway? I find them sticky, and buttons are a headache! Is it just me, or do others have problems with buttons and widgets?

About the popcorn: we use a Whirley-Pop stove-top popper which we’ve had for about a year. These things are great, it takes not much longer than a microwave oven to make popcorn, and the quality is much better. We order pre-measured pouches containing everything we need to make theater-style popcorn, cut them open into the popper and in a few minutes, we’re all set. Of course, you can put any popcorn you want in it, but we like what we use.


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