Happy spring!

Despite the rain we’ve had lately, it cleared-up nicely and I headed for the University of Washington campus in Seattle for the photo-op with my son. Every year people visit campus just to see the Japanese cherry blossoms in bloom, and with Spring Break underway and the sun out, today was the day to do it. I always enjoy the sight: the whole Liberal Arts Quadrangle is encircled with these big beauties and when they are in bloom, standing underneath them is like standing in a pink cotton candy ball and people walk around with big smiles on their faces.

Here’s a link to a slideshow of the cherry blossoms on the University of Washington website: click here. Enjoy!

Lunch: chapagetti or chajangmyun, as I know it.

If you’re tired of packaged ramen noodles, try something different sometime, like chajangmyun. I’m told it’s a Chinese dish and can be ordered in Chinese restaurants. The packaged version, such as pictured, is noodles that are boiled in water, drained and then to which is added packets of dehydrated veggies, oil, and brown sauce. The noodles are very nice (better than packaged ramen), and the sauce is very mild and almost tastes like brown gravy.


2 thoughts on “Happy spring!

  1. Wow, those trees are beautiful. The Univ. of Washington is on my son’s short list of possible colleges. I’ll have to show those photos to him.

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