Sore throat lozenges and cupcakes, please.

At home with a sore throat the other day, I reached for the sore throat lozenges, that is, my carefully meted blackcurrant flavored Halls Soothers.

Why “carefully meted” you ask? Because I bought them at Heathrow Airport in England in 2004 when I stopped there between a flight from Italy and a flight back to the US. They are quite good for throat lozenges, and the medicated filling is rather pleasant and sufficiently eases throat irritation. So, faced with the prospect of running out of blackcurrant Soothers, my husband went out in search of more throat lozenges, and he came back with the US equivalent of Soothers, Halls Plus:

These things are just horrid; they are so mentholated that you could serious harm anyone you breathe on. Unfortunately, it seems they don’t sell Soothers in the US. Of course, I surfed the Internet and all I could find were on-line businesses in the UK that would be happy to ship the coveted blackcurrant Soothers with a delivery/shipping fee of about £15, or about $25 US! Oh, well.

Despite being plagued by a nasty persistent cough that sent bystanders running to the far corners of the universe wherever I went, and after days of being home-bound due to a cold, I managed to get out today. I stopped by the Frye Museum and had a quick bite to eat at the café and took in a little culture. I like the Frye, it’s a small museum (just right for a bit of inspiration), it’s off the beaten path (just east of downtown proper), and it’s free. Yes, you read right, they charge no admission.

Before going home I went to Cupcake Royale:

These beauties were successfully imported from Seattle without the precious frosting getting mushed. Let me introduce them to you (clockwise from the top): Lavender (with real lavender frosting on chocolate cake); Red Velvet (red cocoa chocolate cake with vanilla? frosting); Peppermint Party (peppermint frosting on chocolate cake); and Orange You Glad (orange-flavored frosting on chocolate cake). I didn’t realize that I was in a chocolate frame of mind, until I got home and noticed the pattern of chocolate cake. I know that there are places that make really fancy cupcakes out there, but sometimes you just want something simple and not overdone; Cupcake Royale does that. These won’t last long in my house.


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