Aran – 1985

Below is another project from my early days of knitting. I made this Aran-style sweater about 1985 and I used Brown Sheep yarn.

At the time it was hard to find a traditional Aran sweater pattern, especially with updated fitting, so I used the only Aran pattern book I could find, The Bernat Book Of Irish Knits. I was unaware that: 1) the fit of the actual finished sweater didn’t match the look in the photos (i.e., loose), and 2) that the fit of the finished sweater would be that of the era for which it was published.

As you can see, the book was published in a different era, the 1960s, and although the picture on the right is pretty much the same sweater (the lass with the come hither look is definitely not me), the end result was quite fitted. Very sixties. So I took out the side seams up through the armpits of the base of the sleeves and knitted two tapering inserts in seed stitch (matching the seed stitch of the underarms) which I then carefully sewed in place. The result was not too bad, especially after blocking, and the cables adjacent to the inserts help make them even less obvious. Also, I made the whole sweater shorter and I opted for the crew-neck style the pattern offered instead of the turtleneck. I’ve treasured this sweater for a long time, unfortunately, I only get to wear it about once a year because it’s so mild here, but then I think I’d rather have it mild.

Update: If you are interested in this pattern it is available for purchase at Yesterknits under the category of Knitting Samples, then click on Aran and then go to the third page of Jumpers.


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