Mittens can be handy.

With the arrival of March I’ve decided to shelve my toddler cardigan, since despite the fact that it snowed here yesterday, spring is really here. Therefore there is little point in knitting my son a toasty-warm cardigan, because he seems to stay quite warm most of the time, so much so that he insisted on wearing his sandals all winter (except for the days when I pointed-out that he couldn’t walk in puddles or snow if he wore sandals). So this summer, when Thanksgiving and Christmas preparations don’t get in the way of knitting projects, I’ll re-visit the cardigan and get it done for the fall. I really don’t relish having another unfinished project hanging around, but it seems like the best plan at this point. Sigh.

Though the fun little mittens (pictured above) I made for him out of sock yarn leftovers have been quite handy a number of times since I made them last November, and I felt rather satisfied when he actually asked for his mittens so that he could play in the small amount of snow on our deck yesterday. He clearly likes them and sometimes he’ll say that these are the mittens that “mommy made”. The pattern called “Self-Striping Mittens” is from the entries for November 1st and 2nd in the Knitting Pattern-A-Day Calendar 2006 . The pattern designer also has her own website worthy of a look: Bee’s Knees Knits.


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