Yarn store hopping, anyone?

Thanks to my husband for loading the program my handy PDA cell phone and Google, it is now possible to be anywhere in the US and find the nearest local yarn store. Have you ever in a part of your city or state and wondered where the nearest yarn store is and what it’s phone number is and how to get to it from where you are? Now with handy Google Maps program on my PDA cell phone, I can find a bunch of stores and call them if I need to AND see the map of where they are, AND with Google Satelite Maps on my PDA cell phone I can see a satelite photo of the store if need be. How cool is that?! I feel my inner yarnaholic taking over!

Meanwhile, back to Earth here, I’ve looking at my stash lately and I bought the yarn pictured below (seen between La-La and Dipsy, courtesy of my son) during a trip to Japan a couple of years ago and I just can’t decide what to do with it. It’s made of 100% wood pulp and it’s nice and soft, has a nice sheen to it, and is flat like a ribbon. I have ten 50-gram skeins of it at approx. 105 meters, which according to the label is best knit on a #3 or 4 needle. It’s also not my color, but I fell in love with it. Does anyone have any ideas of a good project for it?


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